With our busy days getting more and more crowded everyday, it’s easy to get sucked into the “morning, afternoon, evening–repeat” routine. During these days, we often cross many things off of our ‘to-do’ lists. But at the end of a busy day, what have you actually accomplished? Does completing these tasks make you feel more accomplished or more successful? Or does completing that list leave you simply tired and run-down?

What if you took a chance on a change? How might you feel at the end of the day if you threw your list to the side and simply focused on yourself?

Start slowly, choosing one thing to take off of your list. Replace it instead with a restful evening or a silly conversation with some friends. Feeling a bit more refreshed? Replace another chore with something that rejuvenates you. After a week of swapping energy-draining chores with those that lift you higher, notice how you feel. Be aware of how you smile and the way you interact with those around you. Are you feeling lighter, happier, freer?

Take a chance on a change. Take a chance on you!



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  1. I am Christian and a professional aromatherapist. I usually struggle understanding energy concepts as I truly believe in God’s Spirit and its power to guide, balance and renew. For the first time, I am fascinated by the framework of the five principles and for the first time, there is no conflict in my spirit. Mainly because what you teach in the five principles is in line with the teaching of the spirit within me. The methods differ but the principle of taking quiet time out of the hustle and bustle and to focus on finding balance, peace and joy within oneself first before ticking off one more thing on the list is the same. So thank you for sharing your wisdom. It certainly helps me sort out in my mind how I want to contribute in my field while integrating my belief system into my work.

    Also your website is well organised. It captures a lot of information but presents it in a logical and coherent manner that makes the browsing experience easy for your clients. I have learnt a lot from your site.

    • Thank you for your comments. There are many ways to understand energy and many systems that use language to talk about our connection to Universal Life Force. If we allow Nature to guide us it will always lead us to the path of the divine, no matter the terminology.


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