Nature Knows: Living History

Nature is remarkable. As humans, we’ve learned that we can dig deeply, whether into ice, soil or rock to learn about Earth’s history. All of the changes that have taken place over time are recorded for all of us to discover and learn from. By delving into Earth, we’ve uncovered a past full of mystery and intrigue. From fossils of massive dinosaurs and woolly mammoths to perfectly preserved ancient ferns, Earth’s trapped history is just waiting to be explored. But although these finds are impressive, Earth’s history extends far beyond the visible. Air pockets in ice cores give scientists clues as to the greenhouse gases that existed in the atmosphere of Earth’s ancient past. Rings in a 1,500 year old tree tell more than age—they keep a record of a near pole reversal in Earth’s magnetic field. And as you can imagine, these nearly invisible clues are far more powerful than their visible counterparts.

Earth itself is a miraculous, living, breathing being. We exist because of all that swirls around us and all that came before us. The history of our great planet is as awe-inspiring as all that it currently nourishes. Human beings are part of that history—a history that is constantly changing. And although homo sapiens are but a mere blip in the evolutionary picture of Earth itself, we continue to play a major role.

Although Nature has an interesting way of trapping its history in ice, rock and trees, we do the same. Understanding that Earth keeps a record of its changes asks us to look within and reflect on the ways we carry our own personal stories. Struggles, aspirations, emotional surges, disease and recovery—it’s all part of our makeup. Sometimes we “wear” these struggles. Other times, they are not as easy to pin point. Delve deeper!

The human body is a microcosm of the magnificent planet we occupy. The invisible is far more powerful than what we have already expressed visibly. Our genes don’t just travel back one generation; they include a history that spans farther than we can see or likely trace. And energetically, our meridians carry Qi and messages throughout our bodies. When it is our time to move on, these meridians get recycled into pure energy and return to the Universe. A new soul then draws what it needs from the Universe and takes this energy to form its unique meridian system.

Just as our living, breathing planet holds clues to its most recent and most distant pasts, so too do we. You are the keeper of your own story. What story will you continue to tell?