Qi: Your Invisible Treasure

When you shop for a gift for that special someone, you put care and thought into what you’d like to give them. Once you’ve brought it home, you wrap it beautifully and drape the package in ribbons and bows. But you’re not finished quite yet! The best part about giving a gift, some would say, is seeing the person’s reaction when they open it. Giving is just as fun as receiving. Your excitement builds as your loved one carefully removes the tape—or rips through the paper—and unveils your carefully chosen gift.

Every single one of us has a gift just like this inside of us. In fact, it’s even more precious. It is presented to us even before birth. But it doesn’t have colorful paper, ribbons, or bows. In fact, it’s not even something we can see. This gift, handed down by all of the ancestors that preceded you, is carried through your Qi. Your Qi is stored in your Kidney, which contains your genetic code—your entire blood line. You carry all of the the wisdom contained in your bloodline with you in this life.

Often, we associate genetic traits with illness and disease. But you have so many genetic gifts that you’ve been granted. Think back to your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Chances are, you will likely have to rely on word-of-mouth stories, or maybe a few photographs to head any further back than that. In our visible reality, we need tangible things to help us remember or to breathe life into an old photograph. But our Qi contains all of those messages, from farther back than even our stories travel. It’s there in the flesh and blood, waiting for you to use.

So whether you’ve met your ancestors in this reality, have heard stories about them, or know nothing about your genetic past, your Qi knows. It carries every gift from every ancestor. Can you just picture it? At your birth, every generation lines up before you to present you with a beautifully wrapped—yet invisible—treasure. You may have received your green eyes from your dad, your long legs from your grandma, and elements of your personality from your great-great grandpa, but what else is there? What gifts have you left unopened? Go deeper. Go beyond the physical. How does your spirit connect to the root of your life?

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