The Great Comet of 2020

Over the past five months, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing about news around the world. Although the daily lives of our sisters and brothers in other areas of the world may have seemed distinct from ours before the pandemic, we now realize that what affects one touches many. This world is immense and yet so small at the same time.

For the next few days, people around the globe will share something else newsworthy. Dubbed the Great Comet of 2020 by NASA, and otherwise known as Comet Neowise, this 3-mile long comet is the brightest of its kind to grace our skies in the past 23 years. It’s best to get outside before sunrise or later in the evening, about an hour after sunset, for the clearest views. Catch a glimpse with the unaided eye, or get a closer look with binoculars or a telescope. Either way, be sure to enjoy this show before July 19. Although it may be visible through the end of July, come August, Comet Neowise will not be visible in the inner solar system for another 6,800 years.

As you stand outside this week, away from any light or air pollution, observe the skies carefully until this cosmic wonder makes itself visible. You may notice its two tails, one made of dust and debris and the other of ions, which will appear blue in color.

As you take in all that this unbelievable presence has to offer, hold The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. This energetic gift from the skies is a clear reminder of the connections we all share.