Building Up the Lung In Fall

As the weather begins to turn and leaves begin to fall, the season begins its transition to cooler weather. Likewise, your body also begins its transition. TCM views each season as it relates to a certain organ system. The organ in “command” is further related to a body tissue, a sense organ, emotion, taste, sound, climate and direction. This information is organized in the Theory of Five Elements and provides practitioners with a framework to understand, diagnose and treat health problems.

The Lung and its counterpart, the Large Intestine, are predominant in Fall. This duo performs many energetic functions vital to your health and well-being.

What Does the Lung Do From an Energetic Perspective?

1- The Lung is known as the great distributor of Qi. Once the Stomach and Spleen complete the digestive process, the Spleen sends nutritive essence to the Lung. The Lung then distributes Qi to the various organ systems in your body.

2- The Lung sends defensive Qi to the tissues between the muscles and the skin to warm and protect the body. Cold and wind are pathogens that can enter the body through the skin and lead to internal imbalances. When your skin is exposed in cold or windy weather, your body uses Qi to keep you warm. Bundle up to conserve your Qi.

3- The Lung adds moisture to the skin. Dry, rough, itchy skin? Wrinkles? These conditions are related to the quality of your Lung Qi. (Tip: Add honey to your diet!)

4- The Lung and the Large Intestine are partners. This pair supports one another in letting go and releasing. Constipation or diarrhea are signs that the Lung and Large Intestine are not in balance.

5- The Lung connects to the outer world through the nose and the throat. Since the Lung meridians run through the throat, deficient Lung Qi could show up as a hoarse voice or laryngitis.

Boost Your Lung Qi with Energy Gate #1

Build your Lung Qi in Fall so that you move through the season with ease. Certain acupoints or energy gates promote harmonious communication between your organs. These points allow a maximum amount of Qi to flow.

Energy Gate #1 is located where the bones of the thumb and index finger meet. Find the spot where the index finger bone forms a “V” with the thumb bone. Massage this point with your opposite thumb and continue to gently massage the entire index finger bone, moving toward the first knuckle.

Keep Learning!

Learn more about the Lung and Large Intestine and their role in keeping the body balanced and healthy.

Fall Qi Connection: October 9 – 16: Fall is the best time to support healthy Lung and Colon Function. Join Grand Master Nan Lu and learn: Qigong movements, Traditional Chinese Medicine’s view of Lung and Large Intestine, and how to eat for ultimate seasonal healing. Register today!