A Body In Constant Motion

Everyone needs to rest at some point. But many of us just keep going and going until something forces us to stop. It may be a head cold, a back ache, or a full-blown case of the flu, but something at some point will send you a message to let you know—enough is enough!

Every time you perform an action, you use up Qi. Whether you are chewing (on food or an idea), running (an errand or a marathon), or spending countless hours in front of your devices, you require Qi to complete your tasks, much as apps on your phone require a charged battery.

But in addition to spending Qi, you also acquire Qi every time you eat healing foods, get a peaceful night’s sleep, and practice Qigong. The goal is to use your acquired Qi to carry out your daily activities, with some left over to help bring you to a better state of health.

But how many of us listen to our body’s signals? Do we know when to stop? Or do we just keep pushing? After a day, week, or—gasp!—month filled with constant, unending motion, the body no longer has acquired Qi in its tank. That’s when you feel like you’re running on fumes. When you ask your body to do even more, it is forced to turn to its reserves in order to get the Qi it needs to complete the tasks. These reserves are the bank of inborn Qi you were gifted at birth.

Instead of tapping into your reserves…

Prioritize yourself.

Learn to say “no”.

Give yourself permission to slow down.

Eat for healing. Learn more with Dragon’s Way Qigong®.

Begin or amp up your Qigong practice.

Remember, every single thing you do requires Qi. Spend it wisely!

Build your Qi with us…

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