Nature’s Power

If you’ve ever stood on the sand watching ocean waves rock back and forth, you understand the power of Nature. The way the waves crash against the rock, eventually wearing the edges smooth and taking small pieces of stone back into the sea. Or how the seashells tumble over and over again along the shoreline, breaking into smaller and smaller fragments, and eventually becoming part of the sand themselves.

Nature is incredible. And its majesty isn’t only observed at the shore; it is all around you. Rain can fall delicately on a flower petal or pound down, flooding the land. Tornadoes can swoop in without much warning, leaving a wake of destruction, while a thunderstorm brings a flurry of hailstones on a muggy summer afternoon. Lightning can cause fires and break trees in half. Powerful? Yes. Destructive? Maybe. But it can also be very beautiful, setting the sky aglow and creating a brilliant streak of white in an otherwise ominous sky.

While we look at the beauty and power that exists all around us, we forget that this picture cannot be complete without people. We are part of Nature. We are part of the Universe. This energy—this power and wisdom—is part of who you are and will be inside of you forever.