Patience and Faith

As we head into Winter, we are given a lesson in patience and faith. To the unassuming viewer, a Winter landscape looks cold and barren—devoid of life. To the visible eye—yes. Grasses turn brown, leafless trees shudder in the cold wind, animals hibernate. Everything we see is quiet and still, but certainly not devoid of life. Nature is simply resting! Under the surface, all of life is constantly moving, changing and reorganizing. The invisible is in constant motion, preparing for its big reveal a few months down the road. Without Winter’s visible rest, we wouldn’t have Spring’s inherent beauty.

We can make the same parallel with the human body. On the surface, we see all of our physical features that make us appear unique to others. But is that really the only thing that separates us? At the visible level, our looks distinguish us from others. But deeper, on an invisible level, our unique Qi flows through our meridians and sends messages that connect the inner workings of our bodies to the outer world. The invisible is what truly makes each one of us unique. Imagine the potential if we could all embrace this spirit?

We are all simply energy beings—moving, changing and reorganizing in preparation for our own big reveal. We were each born for a unique purpose. By supporting ourselves through Winter, we give ourselves the chance to emerge in Spring with a renewed perspective and purpose.

Many people will ask, “If I can’t see it happening, how do I know it is there?” The answer is to simply trust and have faith in the invisible. Qi will always find a way.

January Happenings…

After the holiday celebrations comes a new year full of potential. Start 2022 off on a healthy path. Join one of our upcoming events:

Qi and Soup Winter Cleanse: January 9 – 19

Dragon’s Way Qigong® Instructor Certification: January 12

Dragon’s Way Qigong® 6-Week Program: January 24 – February 28

Tao of Morning Qigong: February 1