The Invisible Energy of Food

Everything in the Universe is energy, or Qi. That includes you, your children, your pets, your plants, and even the food on the supermarket shelves. Qi is motion and message, intelligence and purpose. This framework of understanding opens a door to an entirely new way of understanding food’s healing power.

Thousands of years ago, energy masters recognized or “saw” that the essence and Qi of specific foods could support the functions of the body’s organs, help prevent health issues, and even heal them. The essential, connective part of this process involved meridians, the body’s energy network through which the Qi flows. This understanding is based on food’s energetic aspects and essence, not on its physical properties or characteristics.

Your Qi

A Chinese medicine practitioner is interested in your Qi: Is it flowing smoothly through your body, or is it stuck or stagnating somewhere, causing pain? What is the quality and amount of your Qi? How can you increase Qi for healing? Are your organs functioning to their potential? And lastly, how much Qi does the food you eat contain? Food has proven essential from the perspective of the amount and quality of Qi individual foods can contribute to supporting the person’s organ function.

Energy expresses itself in distinct patterns that interact in the dynamic web of life. This applies to food as well. Every food has a different essence, frequency, color, shape and taste. Foods develop in different time frames, and connect to the energy of time and seasons. Every organ in your body has a different cellular makeup. Different organs and different body parts connect with specific energetic frequencies of foods that travel over energy pathways to support them.

Eating for Healing

Eating for healing covers the physical space of the fruit or vegetable as well as the energy it has accumulated while growing. If you’ve tried a healing program with supplements and vitamins and you weren’t satisfied with the outcome, maybe there’s something you haven’t seen yet. At the material level, food offers many benefits. But essence, Qi and the messages of unconditional Universal love are the most essential aspects. Food contains more than we can ever imagine. If we open up our belief system, we can gain tremendous healing benefits.

The invisible is always more powerful than the visible.

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.


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