Tracey’s Story: Nature’s Messages

I enjoy a walk each morning when the day is new, the animals are stirring and the light is making its way over the hillside. It is a time when I immerse myself in Nature and all her messages. I particularly enjoy December when the trees are bare and I can appreciate their unique structure and elegance.

The other morning, the sky was the deep cobalt blue we get this time of year, and the wind was quite blustery. Smiling at the trees, I observed them “dancing”. As the wind would gust I watched the trees dance in smooth, flowing circles…up…out… and free. The trees met the wind like a dance partner, twirling together in a game of energetic swirls. No resistance, just absolute play. What a gift I received…to see the Wind Waltzing with the Wood.

I have reflected since that morning on my response to the blustery winds of change. Do I say “yes” and step up to the dance or do I brace myself? Am I supple and allow myself to go with the flow or do I resist and get battered and broken? With the practice of WuMing Qigong I am better able to take changes into my heart, compost them, transform and say “yes”! I am better able to see that all the winds of change are for my good: the gentle breezes as well as the howling gusts. My message from Nature: Let go and dance!

-Tracey Burde