Nature Bounces Back

Isn’t it amazing how nature rejuvenates itself?

Throughout human existence, people have learned to use the land in good—and sometimes, bad—ways. Native people learned to use plants as medicine and respected animals, using every single part of their bodies—meat for food, bones for tools, fur for clothing. In more modern times, we’ve cleared forests to make room for malls and highways, and have driven many species to extinction. But through it all, nature has reigned supreme.

Take the Galapagos Islands, for example. Unique species of plants and animals lived on this barren land for thousands of years before people arrived. In just a couple of hundred years, giant tortoises and whales were brought close to extinction. Many years later, the beauty of these untamed lands came to light, and scientists began taking action to protect the Galapagos and its natural inhabitants. Now, people and wildlife have learned to coexist. Nature will always find its balance.

Here’s another example of how Nature perseveres. Canada’s Clearwater Lake was considered “dead” in the 1970s as a result of mining pollutants. The lake was left untouched by human hands. Nearly 50 years later, the lake has recovered on its own and is now home to multiple fish species. Nature will always find a way to recover.

Some species of pine trees have become resilient as well. The seeds of jack pines are stored in closed pods that can only be opened by extreme heat. When the parent tree is killed in a forest fire, the pods open, releasing their seeds. In this way, fire that killed the parent tree gives way to a multitude of new trees. Nature will always find a way to regenerate.

Nature is incredible. Over time, it has figured out how to balance, recover, and regenerate. We often speak about the connection between all living things. If we are truly tied to Nature, we too have the ability to balance, recover, and regenerate. So use Nature as your guide. And know that no matter what happens in life, true health is within reach.