Letting Go and Moving Forward

Have you ever felt an unexplainable sadness during the Fall season? It could be that you’re tuning into the emotional energies of the season, which in TCM theory resonate deeply with letting things go.

It’s natural to be sad about loss, especially that of loved ones—through death, a breakup or a move. But it’s also natural law that things or people or relationships move on, and when their time comes, it’s time for them to go—and for us to let them go and move forward.

After Nature rests and hibernates all winter, it prepares for Spring. No matter how hard the Winter, no matter how cold or wet or snowy, every year, Nature blooms again with new life: eggs hatch in little nests, ducklings swim after their moms, and leaves and flowers blossom in the sun’s warm rays.

Just imagine what a fix we’d be in if Nature refused to refresh itself in Spring! So if you’ve experienced a recent loss (or are revisiting an old one), it’s OK to let yourself feel it. Just remember, however, that all of life—your life, depends on you transforming—on deeply knowing that one and all will be renewed again, because this, too, is natural law. When you’ve rested, when you’re ready, let your sadness go, and rejoin the joyful cycle of Life.