Life: A Work in Progress

Our lives are like an open book. We flip the page and a new day begins. And as we write the day’s story on each new, blank page, we get to re-envision our lives, moment by moment. Life is a work in progress.

Times might be troubling or exhilarating, or both at the same time. Life may be static and predictable, or throw a few curve balls down the track. However it is that your present day and your future days unfold, they are there because you summoned them to be so. You create your own reality. The people we meet are there for a reason. The things that happen are not coincidental. Life is a series of moments all woven together, and you are the thread that makes the moments speak, feel, breathe—come alive.

So how do you go about your daily life? Do you emanate joy or sadness? What emotions do you hold on to? What fears and anxieties can you release? Do you allow yourself to be free, or like this berry, are you frozen to your branch, waiting for your moment? That moment is now. You are too important to be hidden away.

Ponder these thoughts as you write your new day today. Imprint words of love, peace, and happiness upon your heart so that you can share your inner light with others. Regardless of what happened in your past, surround your present moments with beauty and allow that joy to spill over into other areas of your life. You have the ability to give yourself a beautiful life. How do you want to live it?

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