June is National Smile Month, just in time for summer, the season of the Heart!

In traditional Chinese medicine’s Five Element framework, the Heart is associated with the emotion of Joy! Did you know laughing or smiling can do wonders for your cardiovascular health? Smiling and being happy may sound too easy, but this time-tested wisdom brings us this simple truth: love is the most powerful way to nurture the visible and invisible aspects of the Heart.

Everyone wants to know the “secret” to a long life of good health—it’s smiling! It can keep your Heart forever young. Believe it or not, it’s a far more effective and easier “cardio exercise” than running on a treadmill or kickboxing! Why is that? The act of smiling creates positive emotional Qi and propels it through the body. It helps heal the Heart as well as other organs. In addition, it can change the Heart’s spirit or Shen, as well as cause its physiology to change.

According to a recent study published in Psychological Science (click here to read the Wall Street Journal article), even the act of forcing yourself to smile has stress-relieving benefits. In the same study, University of California at Irvine researchers found that smiling lowered the pulse rate and resulted in a faster physiological recovery rate after a stressful activity.

Here’s an easy smiling exercise for cardiovascular and whole body health from our popular book, Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Natural Guide for Weight Loss that Lasts:

Sit quietly in front of a mirror and smile at yourself. That’s it! Just smile at yourself from your Heart. This kind of smile that comes from deep within creates an actual positive physical effect. It helps blood and vital energy flow throughout your whole body. After you’ve practiced smiling at yourself regularly, try smiling at others from your Heart! You may be pleasantly surprised at the results!


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