Optimism: A Rosy Colored View

According to Merriam-Webster, optimism is defined as “a feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future.”

Most people use the ‘glass half full’ analogy to describe an optimist. What is an optimist like anyway?

An optimist wakes up happy, looking at life as an adventure to be savored. Sure there are thorns along the way—they are merely bumps that come with the complete picture of life. But an optimist meanders past the thorns, focusing instead on the reward of the sweet-smelling roses.

An optimist faces a problem as a challenge to overcome—something to learn and grow from. Why live—one might say—if not to learn, grow, and change?

Rosy colored glasses…glass half full—whatever you use to describe an optimist, know that a positive attitude can take you far. Even when life seems impossibly hard, there’s still room for a smile (and a bit of friendly optimism). It might just change your outlook. And sometimes, a change in perspective is all we need to brighten our day.

Did you know?

Smiling can keep your Heart forever young! It creates positive emotional Qi and propels it throughout the body. In Summer, the season of the Heart, take some time to be peaceful and invite love into your life. What’s the perfect way to begin? Look at yourself and smile. Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. Know that you are on your journey to discover your own inner happiness. So, go ahead. Flash yourself a smile. Nurture yourself with happiness, love, and a steady dose of optimism.