As humans, we’ve all lived through impossible situations that seemed endlessly long and painful. We’ve also experienced moments that we recall as bright rays of sunshine. Life is funny that way: you get a handful of lemons and you have the choice to either turn them into lemonade (with an added dose of sugar) or to simply dwell on the fact that you were handed lemons in the first place.

Some of us choose to dwell on the negative. We ask, “Why me?” and “Will this ever change?” and fail to see the positive. Others choose to search for that ray of light amidst the darkness and focus on the good—no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time.

Just think about a thunderstorm that blows in on a humid summer afternoon. While it’s easy to focus on the storm that ruined our outdoor plans, another option is to simply enjoy the show. We can watch as the wind sweeps in and the rain pours down, washing away the sticky air and leaving a cool, comfortable breeze in its wake. Thunderstorms cleanse the air. They are Nature’s way of turning lemons into lemonade.

All sorts of things will happen to you and for you throughout your life—some good and others bad. People move in and out of your life, relationships change, and jobs change. Loved ones move away or move on to another dimension. But we often get stuck seeing things just as they are, not as they are intended to be seen or felt. There is a deeper meaning behind everything you experience. Can you see the good in it—in ALL of it?

Good or bad, it’s all part of your story. But the challenge is this: Once you’ve moved past a troubling time, can you let it go and set it behind you?

You are a complex being filled with emotions, spirit and energy. You have great potential. And you have the ability to connect to infinite wisdom—Universal wisdom. So when you are handed a box of lemons, try to find the hidden sweetness.

And remember, while things in life may be part of your story, they don’t need to define you. Memories and painful reminders of the past simply hold you back from experiencing life as it is intended to be experienced. So give them wings and set them free. Jump in to your life headfirst and enjoy it! A whole new world is waiting for you.




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