What Are Your Daily Expenses?

Have you ever opened the windows to let fresh air in, and then upon realizing how cold you are, you quickly raise the heat? At the end of the month, you wonder, why is my bill so high? I must have an energy leak! Our health works the same way. Just as we open our windows and let the heat out, using too much of ourselves lets our Qi out.

Look at your list of daily expenses:

You cross your arms and shiver on chilly days. That’s lost Qi… Bundle up!

You drink ice cold drinks and raw vegetables. That’s lost Qi… Eat warming foods and drinks!

You run yourself ragged, working late, late, late. That’s lost Qi… Take a break!

You stay up well past midnight. That’s lost Qi… Allow yourself to deeply rest!

Something Has to Give

If your list of daily expenses continues to rise, something has to give! Your body will continually use Qi to account for these energy leaks. Energetically, our organ systems “chip in” to help each other out when one is depleted, much as we would help a friend who is recovering from surgery or going through a tough time. But if each organ system is not working to its energetic potential, the whole eventually suffers. And when your body is depleted, you feel it. Your body is the mirror of your spirit. It never lies. One look at your eyes, your tongue, and your skin can reveal what is happening on a deep, energetic level.

Shorten Your List

What is your list of daily expenses? How can you shorten your list so your body doesn’t need to work so hard? When additional Qi is not needed to keep your body warm, warm up cold foods and keep the body awake into the wee hours of the morning, that Qi can be used for healing.

Connect with Spring Qi

Just as you connect with your own Qi, the Qi of Spring can give you a natural pick-me-up. Energy practice, like Qigong can help you develop your sense and sensibility to absorb Nature’s Qi differently. Get outside and plant flowers, practice near a neighborhood tree and open your windows.

Spring is the perfect time to air out the house. Mornings and evenings bring in that crisp breeze through a few select windows, but as the sun warms the earth, the afternoon breeze is both refreshing and rejuvenating. It’s the type of breeze that catches you in a warm embrace, making you close your eyes and breathe in deeply.

In Spring, we open our windows to let the freshness in. Allow Spring’s Qi to rejuvenate you!

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