Lung: Master Distributor of Qi

In the Five Element Consciousness Framework, the organ systems work hand-in-hand to create ultimate balance in the body. The Lung is the organ system in command throughout the fall season. When you eat, the Spleen takes the essence of the food and sends it up to the Lung. The Lung’s responsibility then, is to distribute this Qi in a way that supports the overall function of the body.

The Lung assumes the role of the master distributor of Qi. In this capacity, it reacts to two things: one is the request from each organ for a certain amount of essence or energy; the other is a kind of “bonus” Qi. The Lung can direct this Qi to the organ in need of additional support. The Lung must also reserve enough Qi for its own function and to keep the body’s functions in motion.

Like a good counselor, the Lung listens to each organ’s request. If the body is not functioning well, the Lung may not have enough different kinds of Qi to distribute sufficiently. Then it has to reorganize and reallocate whatever it has to work with. Based on relationships with other organs, it decides where this energetic frequency should go. Your body is incredibly wise!

Treat your Lung kindly! Here are a few tips for ultimate Lung health:

1. Skin: The skin is the tissue organ associated with the Lung. The Lung disperses Qi to the tissues between the muscles and the skin. Radiant, wrinkle-free skin is a sign that your Lung Qi is healthy. Keeping your skin covered in cold or windy weather helps support your Lung function.

2. Large Intestine: The Lung and Large Intestine are partner organs. This pair constantly supports one another in letting go and releasing. If Regular bowel move,ents are a sign that your Lung and Large Intestine are in balance. Include honey as part of your daily diet to add moisture to your colon.

3. Foods: Spicy flavors are associated with the Lung. Try foods such as Daikon radish, horseradish, and chili peppers. In addition, almonds, pears, and honey support healthy Lung function. Try baking this trio for a delicious treat!


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky.