Sluggish and Bloated? Heal with Dragon’s Way Qigong®

Superbowl weekend goes hand-in-hand with fried foods, cheesy nachos, and greasy chicken wings. Tasty? Sure. But these foods can leave you feeling bloated, sluggish and simply awful for a few days afterward. Your digestive system goes out-of-whack and you might even have trouble in the elimination department. If you’re used to eating light, the effects of these foods can weigh even more heavily on your body.

So what’s the skinny on healthy eating?

In our wellness program, Dragon’s Way Qigong®, we have developed an eating for healing plan which incorporates fresh fruits and vegetables, along with some grains, like quinoa, farro, and barley. The foods are seasonal and organic whenever possible, as we believe that the closer we stay to Nature, the healthier our bodies remain. Vegetables are cooked and eaten warm to allow the digestive system to rest. Eating for healing allows the body to allocate more Qi (vital energy) toward healing than it would toward digestion.

Is it okay to “cheat” once in awhile?

Dragon’s Way Qigong is not a diet, so no cheating is necessary! Our program helps you to build a new relationship with food. After six-weeks of eating light and feeling great, you may not want to have a cheeseburger or a big bowl of ice cream.

That being said, however, one of the most important principles is to understand that the body is capable of tremendous self-healing. Symptoms are the body’s way of sending you a message. A pain here or an ache there is simply a wake up call to notify you that something is energetically out of balance. So, if you have a craving—a true craving from your body, not your mind—go ahead and enjoy it. And don’t feel guilty, either. This is a process of learning to listen to the body. What does your body truly need?


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