Tap Into the Spirit of Earth Pig Energy

The new year is a time of transition where the Earth is gathering its resources more than expending them. It’s accumulating, receiving, and containing its energy into a treasure trove so that it may manifest its deepest desires in 2020. It’s also signaling for us to do the same. At the energetic level, an opportunity is there for you to gather and accumulate your energy and display yourself in a creative way. Envision something you wish for in life. What would you like to heal, change, do or see? Put all of your wishes in a bank and pull them out one-by-one throughout this year. Notice how you are growing in body, mind and spirit as you delve deeper inward and manifest the truest version of yourself. As you grow, you’ll come closer to realizing each of these goals.

The Spirit of Earth energy is grounding and calm while the Spirit of the Pig is optimistic and lighthearted. Harnessing this peaceful Earth Pig energy and turning inward is the key to remaining balanced this year. As with everything, take the yin with the yang. Turn your daily life into a symphonic harmony to bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit into greater balance. With faith in yourself and a positive outlook on your future, your goals and dreams can all be realized. Thousands of years of Consciousness support you.

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