Webinar with Grand Master Lu: Oneness in Body-Mind-Spirit Healing

In this fascinating webinar from our Consciousness and Oneness series, Grand Master Lu talks about how the concept of oneness can be applied to daily life to see everything differently, particularly when we talk about health and disease.

Oneness is not just about spirituality; it can be about life, creativity, and even health. Oneness is not just a fancy word or lofty spiritual concept; it is and should be used all the time in your daily life. In actuality, the concept of Oneness is practical, it’s natural, and it’s easy. He illustrates his points with specific examples of how you can practically apply Oneness to resolving food allergies or even inspiring creativity in art and invention.

Grand Master Lu also delves into true body-mind-spirit healing using these concepts of Oneness, explaining that if you view your body as being but a reflection and extension of spirit, your deep connection to nature, and have faith that your body is a part of everything beautiful and profound about the Universe, true health will follow.

Listen to a recording of the webinar here: