Our society has become so accustomed to heading to the doctor—or the pharmacy—every time we have an ache, pain or symptom—that we have almost forgotten our true source of healing and wisdom—ourselves. You are your own greatest healer.

You may wonder how to heal when you’ve taken yourself so far off-track—beyond what modern medicine can even provide. However, remember this one thing: your body is not just a collection of bones, tissues and cells. It is an extension of your being. It has wisdom to heal and intuition to prevent. Whatever condition it manifests, it also holds the keys to reverse.

Often a foot issue will take us to the podiatrist or a tooth issue to the dentist. Likewise, a heart issue may bring us to the cardiologist. We are lucky that we live in a world with such advanced, specialized medicines. However, what we fail to realize is that the foot issue, dental pain or heart issue are not just isolated symptoms or events. Additionally, our bodies are not made up of individual parts. Our parts are all connected to the larger whole and they communicate with each other on an invisible, energetic level. Symptoms happen when these energetic messages get trapped and cannot flow freely. These symptoms are often connected to larger issues, such as deeply-rooted emotional pains, continuous stress or other root cause that has not been addressed.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that health is the body’s normal state. It intuitively knows how to maintain this state of good health. But it will keep pushing to try to keep up with your fast pace. Eventually, it will send you messages in the way of food cravings, aches and pains or other symptoms, until you allow it to slow down. Your job is to tune into these messages so that you know when your body is out of balance. Qigong, Taiji, eating for healing, meditation and creative, spirited fun are all ways to erase the stress and create a calm, peaceful heart—a perfect start to bringing your body, mind and spirit back into balance.

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3 Responses to The True Healer Lies Within
  1. Thankyou thankyou I’m so blessed to have your support. I’ve followed your work for a number of years and I’ve come a long way since following the path of healing my own self. Also a few others along bnb the way.
    I am the daughter of a minister and lived my whole life by the good book.
    I found that there was more about or bodies and the workings of.
    I am also a Health Practitioner thirty years in healthcare and community development.
    I so believe everything your teachings is an important lesson missing from western medicine society and ourselves… Stay Blessed..

  2. I once had healings powers. For some reason through out the years they went dormant. I want to activate them. Am I in the right place to achive this? If yes, what I have to do?

    • Your abilities stem from your relationship to something greater. The signal is not clear now. One never knows if it will return because it’s not through the mind that healing happens. Go inside and be peaceful. Practice the Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth and allow your energy to build and flow more freely. Then perhaps one day, you will receive a gift. (the posture can be seen on our homepage)


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