February’s Full Snow Moon: The Power of the Invisible

Every full moon has a certain significance and silent power. February brings us the full Snow Micromoon on Saturday, February 24, 2024. A micromoon is at its farthest point from Earth. This full moon is about 252,255 miles from us, and will be the smallest full moon of 2024. Its name comes from several places, having roots in Native American, early American, and European sources. Traditionally, each full moon’s name extends beyond the event itself, to encompass the entire lunar month. The name of February’s full Snow Moon is fairly straightforward. Typically, the heaviest month for snowfall in the North American region is February.

Other names for February’s full moon have been connected to animals—Eagle Moon (Cree), Racoon Moon (Dakota), Groundhog Moon (Algonquin), and Bear Moon (Ojibwe). Throughout history, the human desire to name natural events after animals, weather, temperatures, colors, and seasons shows the ancient awareness of Nature’s flow and its connection to all things, visible and invisible. The full moon deeply connects us to Nature and its purpose.

Year of the Dragon

In Chinese culture, the Snow Moon is the first full moon of the lunar new year, and brings its own unique consciousness. Everything in Nature is connected. February’s full Snow Moon is the first in the Year of the Dragon. Its frequency connects to all full moons and every Year of the Dragon.

So how do you prepare for this great opportunity? Begin the full moon diet! This is not a traditional diet with an eating plan and exercise regimen. Instead, it is an opportunity to empty your mind and find a place of peace.

  1. Make yourself the priority! Begin your day from a place of quiet and introspection. Close your door, close your eyes, and breathe. Notice how your breath feels running through your body.
  2. Quiet the ongoing to-do lists and running tally of responsibilities that runs through your mind throughout the day. Everything else can wait.
  3. Focus on nurturing yourself. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and instead of running to your computer, take time to savor it.
  4. Stretch your legs. Take a walk and notice the emptiness and busyness happening at the same time in Nature. Which do you connect with?
  5. Practice Qigong. Hold The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth for as long as you can every day. As you practice, picture your feet grounded on the earth and your hands in the heavens. Envision the moon and your connection to this universal presence.

Sun and Moon: Visible and Invisible

The moon represents the entire invisible world; the sun represents the visible world. Living things rely on both the sun and the moon. But while the sun needs to show itself every day, the full moon is invisible for all but one day each month. It balances an entire month of energy in just one beautiful showing.

In the full moon we see yin and yang, day and night, invisible and visible. Along with the sun, the moon has the power to control the rising and falling of the ocean tides. Seventy percent of our Earth—and coincidentally, our bodies—are made up of water. You are a being of Nature, connected to the moon’s miraculous power and energy. Every time you face a challenge, allow the moon’s invisible yet powerful essence to rejuvenate you. Allow it to be a source of cleansing, a reset button of sorts—a clean slate.

Intentional Connections—Join Us!

When you outstretch your hand or point your face upward on a sunny day, you feel the warmth of the sun. But the moon is different. You have to intentionally connect with the moon to experience its power.

Embrace the power of the full Snow Moon, this new beginning, and all its possibilities.

February’s full Snow Moon reaches peak illumination at 7:30 am EST on Saturday, February 24, 2024. It will be below the horizon at this time, so for the best view, look for it starting Friday night or at moonrise on Saturday, at 5:56 pm EST. We will practice together virtually during Tao of Morning Qigong at 8:00 am EST. If you are not a TMQ member, please join in at 8:00 am EST from wherever you are and hold The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.