Boost the Immune System Through Play

Have you ever spent time watching young children at play? The same lessons can be learned by watching puppies or kittens. They jump and move their bodies freely. Laughing comes naturally and movement is a form of creative expression.

In our technologically advanced society, children are accustomed to indoor play more than out. Cell phones have taken the place of jumping rope and video games have taken the place of hopscotch. In the good ‘ol days, kids were able to naturally boost their immune systems without even knowing they were doing so.

Up until a few thousand years ago, play was an integral part of daily life. After all, a playful approach to life is what keeps the body, mind and spirit free-flowing and healthy. So when did we—as a society—begin to control our creative spontaneity? Can we break down these barriers and learn to let go? YES!

Follow these simple tips to give your kids (and yourself) an immune system boost—the old fashioned way:

1. Hopscotch and Jump Rope: The center of the foot is a major energy point for the Kidney. Playing hopscotch and jumping rope encourages stomping and jumping, which stimulates this point and the immune system.

2. Human Bicycle: Have two kids lay flat on the floor facing each other with the soles of their feet touching. Using coordinated movements, have them turn their legs in a bicycle-like motion. Touching soles of the feet helps the kids stimulate each other’s Kidney point. The bicycle movement allows continued stimulation.

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