Lucky Charm

Do you have a lucky charm? Maybe it’s a horseshoe, a rabbit foot or a four-leaf clover, or maybe it’s something more unique, like a letter from your grandmother or a necklace that was given to you by someone special. Regardless of the item itself, the luck isn’t in the object. The luck is in the intention behind it.

When you hold your lucky charm, how do you feel? Does it energize you? Do happy memories come flooding back? Chances are, you have attached good feelings to that object. Having your lucky charm close to you allows you to connect to all of that goodness.

Although it’s great to go through life with a bit of luck on your side, you can call-up this goodness no matter where you are, lucky charm or not. Think of your happiest moments—a time when you felt healthy, free, spirited. Close your eyes and let those good feelings wash over you. Breathe in that “natural high” that lifted you in that moment. And smile—feel that smile spread across your face and throughout your body. When you open your eyes, keep that good feeling with you. You are happy, healthy and free!

You don’t need an object to bring you luck. All that you truly need is a good intention. You are your own lucky charm.