Lingering Emotions

Feelings are part of being human—the results of thoughts, which are based on beliefs. Everyone processes feelings differently. Sometimes, certain kinds of feelings are somewhat unconscious. Your mind has already persuaded you to believe these feelings are a part of the very fibers that make you who you are.

The emotions you carry are energetic frequencies. As energy beings, all energetic frequencies impact you in some way, whether in mind, body, or Spirit. A physical condition is often the manifestation of these heavy, lingering feelings and deep-rooted emotional imbalances.

The Body and Unresolved Emotions

Energetically, the Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions. Continually held frustration and irritability can imbalance the Liver and lead to acid reflux, flexibility issues, angry outbursts, PMS, breast tenderness, digestive issues, and arthritis. Learn how to express your feelings and let your thoughts flow freely.

Unresolved emotions don’t go away.  They hide until they are ready to manifest somewhere in your body. Support your Liver. Do the work now to resolve these emotional drains so your Liver and your whole body can reach a more comfortable state of balance. 

Try these tips today:

  1. Let it out! Stand in the shower and scream. As the warm water flows over you, imagine your anger releasing and draining away.
  2. Break it up! Throw a dozen eggs in your bathtub or (carefully) hammer an old, wooden board. As you throw the eggs or strike the wood, imagine your frustrations leaving your body through your hands.
  3. Reflect! Carve out some time to be alone in your thoughts. What got you to this place where emotions seem to bubble and boil without warning? Reflect on the past year of your life, or travel back further, if needed. And then, one by one, begin to let go of what emotionally drains you.
  4. Express yourself! Find a healthy way to express your feelings, whether through singing, painting, dancing, or simply spending time with those you love.

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