Accepting the Way of the Dragon: Alex’s Story

I began my study of the Dragon’s Way® in March 2017. At that time, I was about 320 pounds, super bloated, tired, irritable, sad and sore all the time. After a little over a year, I am down 75 pounds with 10 more to go. It has been an interesting journey into my own willingness to better myself and actually create new habits. I can’t imagine my life without Master Lu’s teachings. I remember hating not being able to wrap towels around me because they weren’t big enough. Funny, now that I’m down 75 lbs, I realize the towels have always been big enough. I just wasn’t small enough for them. For sure it’s nice having clothes that fit and towels that fit around me again.

I have struggled with weight and digestive issues for a large part of my life. After going to see a GI doctor, I got the run of tests—blood work, endoscopy and colonoscopy. They did find one polyp, which I am super thankful for, but they could not find out why I was getting sick. Blood tests concluded that I tested positive for 1 of the 3 genomes related to gluten allergies. However, in the eyes of the doctors, I do not have a full blown gluten allergy or condition like celiac—I am just considered ‘gluten sensitive’. Other than a pill, they had nothing to suggest.

Then I learned about the Dragon’s Way. One morning as I was practicing outdoors next to Cedric, a cedar tree I had planted, there was this beautiful breeze that just seemed to move with my breathing. I felt the earth breathing with me. I cried. I cried tears of joy like I had never felt before. I felt the Dragon inside me.

I have changed my eating habits. The hardest part is the fluids. I still crave cold water and lots of water. I am good about it, though, and I stick with the eating program.I know that balancing my body everyday with the aid of the Dragon’s Way has helped me feel free to experiment with gluten and foods that once caused me trouble. Avocadoes aren’t even hitting me as bad anymore. Euro-breads and some pretzels don’t affect me.

I didn’t believe this would work at first, yet it did. I created a habit that is now part of my life. I feel great and am getting complimented. It’s weird to hear cat calls and flirting from the opposite sex. It’s also funny how jealous my male friends are of my improvements. If it weren’t for the Dragon’s Way I would probably still be unhealthy and unhappy. I can’t wait to be doing my practice 10 years from now and look back in my mind to when I first started. I’ll be thinking to myself, “Wow. I’ve been doing this for a decade.” I nearly tear up just thinking about how happy I am.

– Alex Karat

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