Fear: Will It Stop You or Propel You Further?

Fear is one of those interesting things–it can cause stomach aches, health problems, and anxiety–among other woes, but it can also push you to explore life–and yourself–from a different perspective.

Many times in life, we’ve been faced with troubles or worries. Most of them cause a bit of anxiety and then simply slip by, and we make it out unscathed. After the experience, we are left feeling relieved that something bad didn’t happen, and maybe a bit stronger, and better able to cope with the next worry that comes along.

But there are–and will always be–the events that stop you dead in your tracks. Those are the ones we’re usually unprepared for. Whether it’s an unexpected move, a sudden loss, or a major shift–whether in a relationship or a career–you feel the fear creeping in, and it’s hard to stop it from growing like an angry monster inside of you.

You can let fear stop you. Or you can let it propel you further.

You see, in life, there are always choices–paths to walk, roads to explore. So you can choose to let the fear sink in and eat you up. Or you can make another choice–a healthier choice–to express the fear before it controls you.

Let yourself feel it–whether it’s sadness, anger or grief–and express it. Say your feelings out loud (even if it’s in front of a mirror), write them in a journal, or throw eggs in your bathtub if you really need a release. And then coax yourself to move beyond it. Tell yourself, “I am bigger and better than this fear. I do not need it anymore.”

Once you’ve accepted this truth, you will see it behind you. You will stand taller and breathe easier. You will grow from it and you will eventually even see the good in it. Because this, too, will make you stronger.