Fear is Limiting

How can you live freely if you are always chained to fear? One of the strongest ways to combat this kind of negative vibration is to recognize your power and wisdom to self-heal. You were born with this gift. Nurture it and support it. Recognize the importance if the invisible energies within and around you and how they impact health. If you can’t free yourself from fear, you will always be vulnerable to health issues.

Today, so many people try to do the right thing. They seek out health experts of all kinds. But most often, they receive advice based on fear. “Don’t eat this because of that. Go to the gym daily for exercise or weight training so you don’t lose what you’ve gained.” Even going to the gym is based on fear—fear if you don’t work out you’ll develop osteoporosis or cardiovascular problems. You’re advised to cut this out because it “might” harm you. One day, a study warns eggs are bad; the next, eggs are essential for good health. One day a study confirms red wine and coffee will harm you; the next, their benefits will amaze you. If all of this health advice is based on fear, can it actually help you achieve total health?

Health must include your mind, body, and spirit. Everything is connected. Nothing is separate. From this angle, you can see why a strong energy foundation is essential. Any self-healing program should focus on helping your Qi become stronger and freer. If it’s not, how can you really improve your health? Fear will always limit your growth.


* Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky.


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