Carina’s Courage to See Clearly

My twelve-year-old daughter, Carina, has worn glasses since she was six. With each passing year, Carina’s vision steadily declined each year to 20/55. During Carina’s annual visit with her optometrist, she was advised to wear corrective hard contact lenses at night to reshape her cornea and reduce further vision loss. I was concerned that Carina’s vision was deteriorating at a young age, especially since her vision was worse than mine. Wanting to explore natural healing as the first treatment option, I consulted with Dr. Nan Lu about treating Carina. When I suggested Carina see Dr. Nan Lu to improve her vision and eliminate the need for glasses, Carina replied, “Okay!” and immediately embraced the idea.

In our initial consultation with Dr. Nan Lu, he informed us of Carina’s treatment plan. Notwithstanding, to fully restore her vision, she had to face challenges and make efforts for her own healing. Carina had to do acupuncture, take herbs, and do eye massages twice daily. However, the biggest challenge was when Dr. Nan Lu asked Carina if she could go about her day without wearing glasses altogether. At that moment, Carina didn’t for a moment ponder the perils of going through her day without being able to see clearly. She gave up her glasses without a doubt that she would be fine without them.

All Carina knows is that she is cared for and that restoring her vision is possible and doable. She intuitively trusts she will be safe and okay. Knowing that returning to her glasses would impede the healing process, she dared to play soccer, play the piano, tell all her friends she would see perfectly soon, and even practice her Wushu sword movements, all without glasses. Her faith in her healing preceded her. Throughout the healing process, Carina never returned to her glasses. Instead, she used her imagination to see clearly as her guiding light each day.

After several treatments, Carina’s vision steadily improved from 20/55 to 20/25 with both eyes and from 20/55 to 20/30 with one eye covered. Throughout the treatments, Carina would mention that when she saw herself in her dreams, she would be without glasses. I asked Dr. Lu about the spiritual meaning of the glasses. He said the glasses symbolize that she is somehow limited, but she knows that she can go beyond her limitations. Carina did push beyond her limits and found the courage to heal herself, freeing herself from her glasses. Through Carina’s healing journey, I learned that children have a lot of trust, which is quintessential to healing. They are pure and have no mind to obstruct their innate wisdom.

Carina’s healing epiphany has brought us so many invaluable insights into the healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Healing has so many layers, but watching a higher intellect like a child’s intuition unravel it was remarkable. Carina and I are profoundly grateful to Dr. Nan Lu for helping Carina have the courage to go beyond her limits and find her healing gifts to see clearly!

–Tom and Carina Lee

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