Grow Without Hesitation

Throughout Spring, Nature is energized with the lift of new life. New blooms shoot out from the earth, and with each Spring rainstorm, the colors deepen and become more vibrant.

Liver Qi is highest during Spring. This is the season of fearlessness, boldness, and courage. Good Liver function gives you the “guts” to follow your path, be true to yourself, and allow your unique form of creative expression. Strong Liver Qi helps you flow through life with ease, making decisions without overthinking the possibilities, and being flexible when plans change.

As the Wood element, tall trees and bamboo are often used to symbolize Liver Qi. Trees and wooded plants, like bamboo, move gracefully and easily, without fear of breaking or falling down. However, when we think about guts and resilience, quite possibly the best image is of a flower growing in the crack of a sidewalk.

The flower found itself in a less-than-ideal location. It was not planted in organic soil, and was not watered or given fertilizer.

It grew anyway.

The flower lived with the constant threat of being stepped on by passerby.

It grew anyway.

The flower grew without fear or hesitation.

Instead of competing with other flowers for Nature’s resources, it took in rainwater that pooled on the sidewalk and runoff from nearby flower beds.

And it grew—big, and bright, and strong. Because it was not afraid of the “what ifs” that life can bring.

Wherever you are planted is where you will grow. Find your root—your solid ground—and allow yourself the space to bloom.