Healthy Liver, Healthy Life: Part 2

What does a healthy life  look like? And what does it mean to have a healthy Liver? In Part 2 of this 3-Part series, Grand Master Lu shares his wisdom on why the Liver and the Spring season are vital to year-round health.

Many many modern issues are associated with poor Liver function. The first thing that impacts your Liver is stress. Look inside your life: your feelings, thinking, jobs, families, friends. List them and see each area of stress. When you list everything, you realize, “No wonder I can’t sleep. No wonder I feel overwhelmed.” Can you let the stress go? Can you put it on the side?

Recognizing areas of stress are one thing. Changing the situation is an different matter. You may say, “My boss is impossible. I’m in the middle of a divorce. I’m selling my home.” But even though it looks like you can’t control these situations, you can still grow yourself. You can change your perspective and your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, your emotions change, your activities change, and your stress will change.

The Spring season is associated with the Liver, so Spring is a great opportunity to allow your Liver to flow. Spring is the symbol of life, activity, and growth. It’s visible in just about every part of Nature—baby animals scamper with new life and activity, flowers bloom and trees grow. Life will catch the opportunity to grow. You are part of Nature. You are a child of the Universe. Can you wake up and go with the flow? Can you dance with Nature?

When the temperature changes and Spring is here, everyone and everything comes to life. Without spring, you wouldn’t see changes in Nature throughout the whole year. We can apply the same concept to the human body. If we don’t catch this time to take care of our Liver, we won’t have good health. We can’t follow Nature’s flow.

In part 1, we learned the most important rule for continued Liver health: Go with the flow. Everything has to flow naturally. Nature’s processing will allow your energy to follow the season’s momentum. The human body is only one part of Nature. Use the season as the vehicle, and use Nature as the medicine. Use the sunrise and the sunset, watch things grow, merge into the flowers and the flowing rivers.

A second point is this: Allow your body to follow Nature’s energy flow. Don’t just sit there—get up and move. Dance! And as you dance, feel the stress flowing out of your body. Feel yourself becoming more fluid and flexible. In Spring, everything is moving. Follow that rhythm—allow the body to move. The ancients used to say, “Spring is dancing with the rooster.” If you can follow that type of energy flow, you can follow Nature’s flow.

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