Tips to Relieve Stress (and Save Your Waistline)

According to Chinese medicine, the health of the Liver organ is crucial for metabolic health and maintaining a normal weight. How do you keep your Liver healthy and strong? Remember, the Liver is the organ that is most affected by emotional stress, and not being able to express yourself and follow your true desires. If you have a lot of stress, repressed anger or discontent in your life, your Liver function will be compromised. And because it’s such an important organ for digestive health, your metabolism will also eventually become compromised, and you’ll start piling on the pounds, little by little. In simple terms, stress can make you gain weight.

So it’s not just about the food you eat. It’s about being happy, doing whatever you see fit, expressing yourself openly, being your own unique self and truly learning not to care about what other people think of you. It’s about learning to let go of stress and things that bother you, so that you can live in true contentment and freedom.

Two easy ways to boost your Liver function and release stress and negative emotions:

Tip #1: Follow your heart and say what’s on your mind. Don’t hold back!

Tip #2: Have a temper tantrum. Seriously–it’s better out than in! If you aren’t able express your stress or anger, find ways to release it. Scream in the shower. Lock yourself in your room, shout, curse and stomp your feet. And when you’re done, have a good cry to wash all your anger away. Your Liver will thank you–and so will your waistline.