Emotional Freedom: Keeping it Simple

Where do your emotions come from? Where do your beliefs come from? How about your mind?

All of your feelings come from inside you. You have a feeling and you throw it outside of you—there’s a frequency match. If you don’t have anger, you don’t know what anger is. When you have anger, outside anger is a match. When you have love, outside love is a match. All of our feeling is inside.

When you practice Qigong, you make your internal body more sensitive. Don’t use being sensitive as an excuse—it’s a gift! It’s a way to connect to the outside reality. This connection has a purpose. You see what you want to see. Do you see anger or happiness, fear or love? Your changing beliefs will allow you to see things differently. Once you change inside of you, you will be able to see or feel outside, which will allow you to see things differently. You hold the key.

Listen to Grand Master Lu’s full message:

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