Inspiration to Start the Week: Life is Perfect

Chances are, you’ve made a careless wish without much thought at one point in your life, and heard the response, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ Have you ever thought about that? Why should you be careful of what you wish for? Because somewhere, deep in your consciousness, your wish will come true. Your consciousness creates your own reality.

Everything in life happens to help you grow and discover who you are. All of fate is perfect—life is perfect! Believing or seeing that it is perfect gives meaning and purpose to your daily routine. These small parts lead to the greater whole. You only finish your life on Earth because you complete your promise. And no one knows when that promise will be complete.

So enjoy this moment while you have the chance. Don’t ask why it’s happening or how it came to be. Just believe that life is perfect and that everything is happening for the good. And of course, don’t forget your smile. A smile always brings good things your way.