What’s Hidden In the 96%

Our visible world is only 4% of the total electromagnetic spectrum—96% is invisible. It exists in waves of energy.

Think about that—what you see is only 4% of all that actually exists. Look around you. There are clouds in the sky, trees rooted in the ground, and people of all walks of life interacting. Yet this just begins to scratch the surface. What else is out there? What is hidden in the 96% that is invisible to the human eye?

Let’s start with something that is common to every human being—food. Food is critical to our very survival. We buy food, prepare it, and eat it. Some of us are more conscious of making good food choices than others. But what do we really know about food—about its origins, essence, genetic and energetic evolution, and impact in digestion? We know what we see—the tangible, visible 4%.

Now let’s look at this from a health and healing perspective. Most of us go for annual check-ups, scans, and blood tests. There is a copious amount of information and data available online. But can you say you truly understand your body and its health and healing?

In all, we think we know a lot about our world, when in fact, we know so little. Few can even achieve 100% understanding of the 4% that we can see and touch. And we give a lot of attention to that 4%. We’re so hyper-focused on the visible that we often miss the opportunity to experience the invisible.

So, the choice is yours—are you content living in the 4%, or do you want to know what else exists beyond our initial realm of understanding? It is hard to describe to others the importance of this shift. It’s difficult to enter a world that we can’t see or touch. But we can feel it. We can experience it. While our connection to the invisible 3-dimensional world cannot be measured, Qi is a powerful tool that can be used to strengthen our connection with Universal energy.

So how can you begin to access that invisible dimension? Try these few tips as a jumping off point.

1-Oneness: Start by viewing yourself as a piece of the larger, interconnected puzzle of life. Stand in nature and imagine yourself being one with everything around you. Feel the energy and spirit of the trees, the wind, the birds, and the flowers. Breathe in. As you breathe out deepen your connection to everything around you.

2. Go Inward: Doing energy work such as meditation or Qigong is a great way to allow your body to go inward. With continued practice, you will begin to change from the inside-out.


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