The Road to Self-Discovery

Who are you? If you ask others to define you, they might offer key words or phrases that represent your personality. They may even share stories that highlight your best and worst features. But although those closest to you—parents, a spouse, a close friend—might know you well enough to finish your sentences, no one truly knows you like you do.

If you’re thinking, “I still haven’t figured out who I am!”, keep reading. Many of us are in the same boat. After all, discovering yourself is a lifelong process. While you may have figured out your favorite color, food, and style of music by the time you were in high school, knowing yourself extends beyond the results of any personality test.

Knowing yourself means that you’ve walked the path of discovery and (although you are still learning and growing), you have come out the other side more aware, more balanced, and more in tune with what you need to be your best self. You are able to honor your time and your space, embrace the invisible messages swirling around you, quiet the noise (both from inside and outside), and breathe harmony into your Spirit. You value relationships and your role in them, but self-love takes priority. This search has taught you that when you feed yourself heaping spoonfuls of love and grace, all others around you benefit as well.

So, how do you begin (or continue) this path toward self-discovery? Allow these steps to help guide you.

  1. Quiet: Much more is accomplished when the world is quiet. Learn how to quiet your mind and breathe calm into every moment of your day. Beginning a spiritual energy practice, like Qigong, is a beautiful way to deeply reconnect with yourself. Stay centered, regardless of the whirlwind.
  2. Skilled or Passionate? There is a major difference between doing something because you’re good at it, and doing something because you’re passionate about it. List the things you are good at. Now, put a star next to those items that set your heart on fire. No stars on your list? Add the things you love to your list, and over time, make them a part of your life. Find the reasons you love those things. Allow your creativity to shine through.
  3. Ask Forgiveness. Spending time looking back prevents us from seeing the amazing things up ahead. So let go of the situations that hurt you. Allow the past to float away and drift downstream, knowing the many opportunities you are opening yourself to in the present moment. Ask for forgiveness from others and allow yourself the same grace.
  4. Just Be. Avoid naming situations and people as either positive or negative. Everything happens for a reason, and this moment, right now, is here to teach you. Once you learn the lesson, you can take another step on your journey toward fulfillment.

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