Finding Balance with Dragon’s Way Qigong®

What does it mean to be off balance?

Picture a perfectly balanced see saw. The person sitting on the right side is the same height and weight as the person sitting on the left side. Their feet touch the ground, and the see saw is steady and still. What if one person on that see saw was replaced with a shorter, lighter person or a taller, heavier person? The balance would shift and one side of the see saw would bounce into the air.

Your body is like a see saw. In everything you do, your body strives to maintain perfect balance. But events, circumstances, encounters, lack of sleep, stressful deadlines, schedules, unhealthy foods, and many other things throw off your energetic balance. The body sends messages, such as headaches, fatigue, stomach aches, mood swings, and weight gain to cue us in to these imbalances. When we don’t take action to regain balance, the body sends bigger messages. It will keep sending messages until we take action.

Learning to listen to your body is the first step toward true healing. Once you learn to decipher the body’s messages and fine tune your intuition, you’ll be able to feel when your body is off balance, before a physical message even has a chance to be transmitted.

Dragon’s Way Qigong® is a full system of healing that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. It delves down to the root cause of imbalances to bring the body back to its natural state. Over a period of six weeks, participants practice Qigong movements, eat for ultimate healing, and embrace lifestyle guidance to support them in their daily lives. Learn to reduce stress, rebuild your energy, maintain a healthy body, keep an even temper, and enjoy the best gifts in life with Dragon’s Way Qigong.

What is Dragon’s Way Qigong?

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