Sensitivity: Connecting with Your Internal Gifts

We are living in a three-dimensional reality; therefore, we have to follow its rules. In this rule, the body becomes the vehicle or the mirror to process all the information between your mind, your soul and our external reality. Your emotions are just invisible events. So where do emotions come from? Where does belief come from?

All of your feelings come from inside you. When you have a feeling, you throw it out externally to find a frequency match. For example, if you’ve never experienced anger, you’d never know what that emotion really means. Once you experience it and feel it, the memory of that emotion stays with you.

That’s why it’s important to teach your kids positive thoughts. They are pure and haven’t experienced these raw emotions themselves. So instead of asking, “Are you angry?” you should ask, “What makes you happy?” Likewise, if you teach your children the word “depressed” they begin to associate with depression.

Just like adults, children have feelings. But they don’t have the vocabulary to name the feelings until we provide that for them. Once you have the vocabulary, you associate with that expression—it’s an organ response with the outside. If you are feeling angry, you send that emotion out to find an external match. Likewise, when you feel and experience love inside your heart, you look outside of yourself to find a match.

Let’s look for a moment at beauty. If you have an eye for beauty, we say you have good taste. Once you recognize this gift within yourself, you connect it with the outside. Others can see the effect of this good taste—nice clothing, fancy car, upscale home. Although good taste is easily recognized, it stems from inside of you.

When we practice Qigong, we increase our internal sensitivity. Sensitivity is a gift that allows you to connect with an external reality. Through this connection, there is a purpose. You see what you want to see. So, what do you see? What do you connect with?

Take, for example, the events of this past year. In everything, even events as emotionally charged as the Covid-19 pandemic and equality movements, there is good. If you only connect with anger and fear, you are missing the rest of the picture. Do you not see the sadness or frustration? Do you not feel the hope, unity and love?

When you change your beliefs, you open yourself to seeing and experiencing life through a much fuller lens. In doing so, you will connect with the wide range of emotions that accompany every event. Every event has its own purpose. Once your belief changes, the purpose will change. You are holding the key!