Breaking Old Patterns

It’s very conscious behavior to recognize an unhealthy habit and take steps to change it for the better. But what about routines and patterns that get us stuck in a rut? Are they not types of habits as well?

All too often, we live our lives based on a schedule. We work during certain hours, eat during certain hours, and play during certain hours. And when we follow that schedule to a “T”, we can get wrapped up in a mundane pattern. Sometimes all it takes is a little break in routine to see life anew. A day trip to the beach, dinner at a coveted restaurant, or an unusual activity with friends—spelunking, anyone?—can offer you a fresh perspective.

So break yourself out of your everyday patterns and allow your creativity to take over. Explore the sights and sounds in your own town or city, or escape to Nature. Sit in a tree, let your toes dangle into a brook, skip rocks on the water. And as you do, notice the things that jump out at you—the little things you so easily overlooked before. When you return to your schedule, keep noticing the little things—smiles, kind words, or lovingly crafted details, that make whatever you are experiencing that much more meaningful.