Words of Wisdom: Your Story

Deep inside you, there is a story—a story you have carried with you through generations past and a story that will continue on for generations to come. When it is your turn to live this story, you get to choose the characters, the story line, even the daily nuances that make the plot interesting or critical. These daily ongoings are all up to you.

A version of this genetic story lives deep within our energetic code. We carry the wisdom from generations past as well as the ability to “fix” whatever problems arise, so the messages that live on in our lineage are those of health and healing.

Some search their whole lives for answers to problems that plague them. They visit doctors, take tests and medications, and consult with friends and the internet for advice, and yet their path is still unclear. But their true answer and the root cause of their problems won’t be found in any of these external sources; one must delve within. Look at the things you hold onto and those you choose to let go. Why hold onto your grandmother’s worry, when you can instead embrace her giving heart? Your perspective brings your story to life.

Your story can be viewed from many different angles. There’s the version you share with others and the one you keep to yourself. Then there’s the story from the past, and that of the present. But these stories are all one entity. The pieces and parts of each add to the visible and invisible messages you send out into the world. So, what is your story—today, tomorrow, the next? How will it play out? What legacy will you pass along?