How Your Body Uses and Expresses Emotions

Last Friday, our blog Emotions: Energy Transformed looked at emotions as an energy response to a given event, with fear, anger, and joy being the most powerful. We are now in the season of Spring, which is governed by the Liver. What role does the Liver play in processing emotions?

Your Liver is the central screening point for all of your emotions—happy, sad, or otherwise.

Suppressing Emotions

We often suppress or control our emotions. But if you don’t show your emotions, are you allowing your true personality to shine? By suppressing the energy of your emotions, you control the natural energy from your own body. If this energy cannot express itself naturally, it must find a different way to express itself. Which area of your body is the perfect location to allow your emotions to show?

One of the most powerful functions of the Liver is to transform something invisible into something visible. Energy cannot be created and cannot disappear. Energy can only be transformed. From that angle, you can say that every physical condition is a show of your emotions. It’s emotional energy turned into physical energy.

The Liver is not like the Stomach that receives food. The Liver has to process by Qi and blood. It’s the byproduct of your metabolic function and your digestive system. The Stomach processes materialized things. But to the Liver, the Qi—the non-materialized stuff—is the most important. (Even though materialized blood is associated with Liver function, it’s still based on Qi, not on blood circulation.

Emotional Processing

Emotions are based on your beliefs and your mind. As you process an event, you add your own thoughts and feelings, and respond with your own unique emotions. Use this personalized energy to heal your own body. If you have anger, you might use the energy of the anger. Likewise, if you have fear, you might use the energy of the fear. Or if you have joy, you might use the energy of the joy. When you see these emotions, you begin to understand yourself from a different framework.

Instead of focusing on emotions, look at the energy behind them. Use this to better understand your beliefs and your mind. Because emotions are each organ’s natural and automatic response, each organ has its own unique emotion. Likewise, each individual person has their own specialized emotions. Through your self-cultivation, you will begin to see your emotions change. You will transform the energy of your emotions and use it for healing, courage, and creativity.

Emotions and Nature

Each season’s emotions connect to your organ’s emotions. In the season of Spring, everything that changes in Nature also affects your body. Once you begin to look at Nature and your body from this angle, you will see how everything is intertwined. You’ll begin to correlate Spring with your Liver. When the wind blows, you’ll be reminded of your anger and frustration. And as you begin to let go, your consciousness and your Spirit will feel differently.

The season of Spring represents healthy Liver function. If you can embrace and use the energy and power of emotions for healing, your Liver function can become more profound.

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