Emotions: Energy Transformed

In today’s society, emotions often get a bad rap. But emotions are not good or bad—they are energy.

Would you ever throw $5 in the garbage? No, of course not! You wouldn’t throw money away, but when you freely throw your emotions, you waste your energy. Instead of wasting it, learn how to use this energy for healing.

Emotions are part of your nature. They are usually your natural response to an outside stimuli. However, just as different chefs take the same ingredients and add their own flair to create unique dishes, each person adds their own thoughts and feelings to an event, and responds with their own unique emotions. The same event can result in anger, fear, sadness, or even happiness depending on the person’s perspective.

Different Emotions, Different Organs

If, for you, an event conjures fear, the emotion is coming from your Kidney function. This will make your Kidney Qi rise. Likewise, if you come out angry, your emotion is associated with your Liver. If the event leaves you feeling joyful, this stimulates your Heart. All emotions—whether happy, sad, or otherwise—are processed through the Liver. Your Liver becomes your central screening point.

Of the many emotions humans experience, fear, anger, and joy are the most powerful.


Fear is ever-present in our society. Even before a baby is born, he feels his mother’s fear. When the child grows up, fear is everywhere—from dental and life insurance to security checks at the airport. Your body has a built-in capability to fight with fear, otherwise you would not grow.

It’s nearly impossible to cure a fearful environment unless you understand the power of fear. Fear is like a wave that washes over you. Often, the body uses the energy of fear to create kidney stones or depression.

Fear is simply energy transformed. Use the energy of fear for your own personal growth and healing.

Anger, Frustration, and Stress

Everyone faces physical, emotional, and environmental stress. When you face a stressful event, your energy responds in turn.

The power of anger comes from the Liver. Anger is like a focused punch. Because it has more power than fear, anger can push things out of control. Angry emotions are violent and deeply show on the physical level. Continual anger can cause stroke, high blood pressure, or create a blood clot if the quality of your blood isn’t healthy.

Anger is simply energy transformed. Instead of allowing it to harm you, use the energy of anger for healing.


Joy can prevent and heal heart disease, but most people don’t know how to use joy for healing. Joy must come from the inside out. Unlike happiness, joy cannot be a response.

Each of us has a heart, so we each have an environment that can produce joy. It’s up to us when, where, how to produce the power of joy.

Joy is simply energy transformed. Use the energy of joy for healing.


Tune in to our blog next Friday to learn the Liver’s role in processing these emotions.

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