A Change in Perspective

Everything is energy. All that you see, feel, hear and touch is just that—energy! Emotions are energy, too, and although frustrations, anger, fear and worry are human, they can often engulf us for days—even weeks on end.

So what can you do to work through one of these lasting emotional surges? Visualize it—the emotion—as energy. Let’s use anger as an example. When someone or something angers you, picture the experience as a solid mass of floating energy. You can see it and feel it. It’s red-hot and hovering right in front of you.

Now imagine that a swift wind blows through and begins to disintegrate the ball of anger, little-by-little. As the solid mass is broken down, it loses all of its staying power and crumbles like ash to the ground. With one more gust, the anger is blown away.

This anger is energy, just like mountains, trees, animals and people. If everything and everyone is energy, it can all flow and transform—WE can all flow and transform. Looking at a situation or a person from this perspective can help your emotions to run smoothly.