Question: I suffer from seasonal allergies every year. What causes seasonal allergies and how do I overcome them?

Answer: As always, it’s all about energy! In our bodies, we have bones, skin, veins and blood. Earth has trees, mountain and rivers. Each one has its own spirit. If we are living on this Earth, all of our bodily stuff has to connect to the same energy frequency as Earth’s. If you can’t connect to Earth’s energy, symptoms appear.

For example, hayfever comes at the same time every year. When you break the cycle and allow your relationship with Earth to change, the symptoms change. If you can connect to Earth’s energy, you can transition from one season to the next smoothly.

From this perspective, the Five Element Consciousness Framework becomes a great model to understand the essence of each element and your relationship with Nature.

Listen to Grand Master Nan Lu share his answer below!


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