We Are Made From Stars

According to the American Museum of Natural History, we are stardust. “Every atom of oxygen in our lungs, of carbon in our muscles, of calcium in our bones, of iron in our blood—was created inside a star before Earth was born.”

As we navigate life on Earth, celestial events remind us of our roots—a history that extends far beyond the genetic gifts we inherited from generations past. Your eyes may come from your mother and your height may come from your great-grandfather, but the primary elements in your body come from the stars. And all of it is energy—swirling, boundless Qi that encircles every living thing on earth.

Can you imagine what life would be like if we viewed ourselves and each other from this perspective? The idea that humankind—and all other forms of life—was created from celestial material—the very material that makes up the stars we wish upon. What if, instead of wishing on stars, we wished upon ourselves and each other? Would life be different, people kinder, exchanges sweeter?

We are made from stars. You. Me. Every single thing that once inhabited this earth. We may find common threads with each other, such as interests or personality traits. But the most beautiful thread we all share is Qi. Everything is Qi. We are all built of the same material. We are energy beings.

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