The Gift of Good Flow

Health is unlimited. Life continues. The body knows how to heal itself, as long as you provide it with the opportunities to do so.

Spring energy connects to our Liver. The Liver is a powerful organ. On the physical level, it has hundreds of jobs. It has to process toxins, contribute to healthy blood, build the body’s immune and metabolic systems, and support the many organs involved in digestion. The Liver system is also connected to the Gallbladder. Although tiny, the Gallbladder has a prominent energetic job. On an emotional level, Liver and Gallbladder help people have “guts” to make decisions, respond smoothly to different situations and gracefully go with the flow.

Today’s lifestyle makes it more challenging for the Liver/Gallbladder to do its job with ease. Stress, overwork, and lack of free time plague many, if not most, Americans today. Oftentimes when we are under a lot of stress, it is much harder to make a decision. It is harder to let things go.

The Spring season offers unique possibilities for Liver and whole body healing to happen. The best path to reach this healing vibration is by delving deep within. Energy practices, such as Qigong and meditation, allow you to connect to the spirit and consciousness of good health. In Grand Master Nan Lu’s words, “The whole purpose of Qigong practice is to help you open up, to use your ‘Inner-net,’ to connect to the unlimited power and the unlimited wisdom of the universe that is called life force.”

When you use your “Inner-net,” you connect to the deepest level of healing. Take this opportunity to jump start your healing journey, and create a happy and healthy year ahead.


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