Procrastination: A Mind-Body-Spirit Energy Drain

There’s no doubt about it: procrastination is a huge drain on your energy in mind, body, and spirit. When we procrastinate, we are constantly worrying over a task we probably should have finished days ago. Putting things off for days, then weeks, and then, at the last minute, staying up all night to meet a deadline, can get old pretty quickly, not to mention exhausting–and can eventually affect your health.

The stress of worry and over-thinking can also energetically over-stimulate and unbalance the functioning of our two most important digestive organs, the Stomach and the Spleen. Yes, it’s true: chronic procrastination can even impact your digestion and your metabolism.

Isn’t it is always a huge relief and a load off your mind when you finally finish that endless to-do list that has been on your desk for weeks? If you really want to save your energy and keep your digestive system healthy, one would do well to follow the advice of the famous American forefather, Benjamin Franklin: “Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today.” It’s the best way to keep your digestive system in optimal health for the rest of your life.