What Affects One Touches All

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” These words, originally penned in 1965, have spoken to the hearts of many over the generations—and for good reason. Think about the events that have unfolded in our world since the 1960s—from the first moon landing and numerous technological advances to wars and cease fires, the Civil Rights Movement and the great loss of Martin Luther King, Jr., the AIDS epidemic, the stock market crash, landmark court cases, riots, peace protests, chemical disasters, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, shootings and hostility in multiple forms, among countless other experiences.

The past 15 months have brought their own share of ups and downs, to say the least. But if the rapid spread of Coronavirus around the globe taught us anything, it’s that regardless of what may be happening, whatever affects one touches us all.

We are all connected.

Connections happen on all levels, regardless of our ability to track them. When one person smiles in celebration or cries in heartache, another feels it. Energetically, we are one. Lift one another. Respect each other. Celebrate the uniqueness of each human being. It is through our individual gifts that our collective beauty shines.


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