The Body Never Lies: Tongue Tales

When you think of a tongue, what comes to mind? You might list the words “red” and “taste buds”, or you might say that it is used for tasting, swallowing, and speech. Any of those answers would be correct. But while the function of all tongues are the same, the look and shape of this body part says a lot about the health of the individual.

The tongue is the sense organ related to the Heart. Observing it can give clues as to the energetic functioning of the Heart. It is also a good indicator of Stomach imbalance.

If your tongue could talk, what would it say about you?

Observe your tongue in the mirror. Examine its color, shape and thickness. Then read on to decipher the messages it is sending you.

1. Healthy Red Color indicates balanced Heart function. Your energy is flowing freely and smoothly.

2. Fat with a Thick, White Coating indicates excess cold and the inability to eliminate excess water. This points to the Stomach/Spleen and digestive system. Ditch cold foods and iced drinks. Cook your vegetables and experiment with warming herbs, such as ginger, cinnamon and turmeric.

3. Greasy or Yellow Tongue indicates excess Stomach heat. Barbecuing and frying adds heat to the essence of foods. Eating this way regularly can cause a build-up of excess heat in your Stomach, similar to the heat emitted from a compost heap! This inner smoldering prevents the Stomach from performing its digestive functions properly. Follow the tips in #2 to give your digestive system a rest.

4. Pale & Dark Purple Colors indicate Heart function disorders. A pale-colored tongue means insufficient blood, while a dark purple-colored tongue indicates blood stagnation. Enjoy watermelon, plum tomatoes, broccoli and broccoli rabe to give your Heart an energetic boost.

5. Cracks or Lines Down the Center of the tongue may also indicate a Heart function issue. Follow the tips in #4, and remember, the Heart loves to be peaceful. Find ways to simplify your lifestyle and create room for love to shine.


The health of the tongue gives us a window to look within and understand the health of the body. So why do all symptoms visible on the tongue relate to the Heart and Stomach? The Stomach is the child of the Heart. If the Stomach is functioning optimally, the Heart is happy. Stomach energy must be in balance for Heart energy to be balanced.

Qi is invisible. Issues happen on an energetic level long before they become tangible. If your tongue is displaying any of the visible properties noted above, it’s your body’s way of sending you a message. Healing is in your hands! It’s just a matter of bringing the body back into balance.

Dragon’s Way Qigong

The body will always, always tell us what is happening deep within. ‘The body never lies’ is one of the concepts taught in our Dragon’s Way Qigong program. Curious? Keep exploring!